Knowledge is power

by Vega Nayeli,

Kellner Sophie,

Hermanutz Sarah

This project was created to work with design and technology, a device for generating data
about sexual harassment and encourage safe mobility in public transport for women in Mexico City and other cities of Latinoamerica . The project seeks to motivate women to report sexual harassment
freely and anonymously and also generate data visualization for the habitants of the cities to raise awareness
on the importance of preventing , reporting and act against violence.
The design project invites to organize safe travel on public transport in the city and
encourage discussions to find solutions and prevent violence against women.
We want cities free of sexual and / or verbal violence against women and safe and
equal public city transport access .
This is a social design project created to promote
inclusive , sustainable and public mobility for women. We created  an early stage prototype, 1st place at Fashion Hack Day in Berlin 2016.

rankingpaisesinsegurosSource: Thomas Reuters Foundation. 2014