Nayeli Vega is a designer and artist. Her work is a hybrid practice in physical and digital space that focuses on re-examining the role and function of technology in discussing ecological and social issues of the past, present and future. She holds a master’s degree in textile and surface design from Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.Vega is co-founder and member of Lacuna Lab e.V., an international artist* collective in Berlin-Kreuzberg that brings together a wide range of projects at the intersection of art and technology. In 2021, she is supported by the Elsa Neumann Scholarship of the State of Berlin.


Nayeli Vega Vargas-Mexico City.

Lives and works in Berlin.

2020-Master in Textile and Surface Design/Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.


2021-Whole Life Academy/Haus der Kulturen der Welt/ Invited Artist-Participant/Berlin

2021-Being a Woman of Color in the Arts. Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021 / Artist Talk/ Chicago

2021-Stretching Senses School. VR Worlding for Planetary Emergency/ Cluster of Excellence-Matters of Activity. Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/Mentor/Berlin

2021-Dutch Design Week 2021/Group exhibition/Eindhoven

2021-DesignFarm Berlin Anniversary and Beyond/Exhibition/Berlin

2021-Upcycling’s Perspectives – Materialexperimente in der Bildungsarbeit /Workshop Facilitator/Forum Kreativpotentiale/Leipzig

2021-RAISIN./A partner program for the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2021 / Group exhibition/ Chicago

2021-Salon Mexicano de Ultramar/Mexican Embassy in Germany/Group exhibition/ Berlin


2021-Reassemble Lab “Weaving with Worlds”/Fiber Festival/Laboratory participant.

2021-Dialog speaker for the first Be Fantastic Dialog + Info session/Be Fantastic Singapore

2021-K(not) a Conversation. Communication through Knots and AI Systems./Online exhibition/Vorspiel-Transmediale&CTM

2020-Codes in Knots/ All Goods. Virtual Space-Exhibition of NL Embassy/ Dutch Design Week

2019-Fire is the air the Poet breath(es)/ Vorspiel-Transmediale/ Lacuna Lab/Berlin

2017-Serious Sparkles: An Inquiry into Stupidity/Vorspiel Transmediale /Lacuna Lab/Berlin

2016-Presentation of winner project “Knowledge is Power” Wearables against Sexual Harassment/Re:publica Festival/Berlin.

2016-Lactivation Exhibition #1 /Collective exhibition/SPEKTRUM / Berlin.

2014-Jarcieria/Multiple Territories /Collective exhibition/ATEA Gallery / Mexico City

2013-Contratension/ Modopactua/ Public Installation / ATEA Gallery/Mexico City


2021-Elsa Neumann Scholarship Award/ Berlin/Germany

2020-CoLab TechArt Fellowship. Supported by Goethe Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore and British Council.

2020-DAAD-Preis 2020 for outstanding international students/ KHB-Weisensee/Berlin,Germany.

2017-Funding for Project RONDA-Mx-Berlin/ Intercultural project/State Office for Development Cooperation
of the country
(LEZ)-Berlin Senat.

2016-Fashion Hack Day/1st Place/ ”Knowledge is power” Raising awareness about sexual harassment in public transportation in Mexico City/ Berlin


2021-“Creative hubs – Creative FLIP” Ambassador of Change Program/Pilot policy project co-funded by the European
Union. Learning materials/Lacuna Lab/Berlin

2018- Textile Stories between Mexico City and Berlin /RONDA Mx-Berlin/ Coordination and Research/Funded by State Office for Development Cooperation of the country(LEZ)-Berlin Senat.

2018- A Window to the realities of Repairing and Open Workshops in Mexico and Berlin/RONDA Mx-Berlin/Coordination
and Research/ Funded by State Office for Development Cooperation of the country(LEZ)-Berlin Senat.

2013- Re-Mex, The Power of Arts/Introduction/Goethe-Institut, Mexico.