Inside Bodies

Inside Bodies is a performative sound-installation that explores the notion of posthuman
feminism to trigger sensorial materializations of watery bodies.
A costume was designed based on the observation of axolotes and the perception of the human body. Through the encounter of sound and movement as ungraspable materialities, Inside Bodies aims at decolonizing perceptions and ontologies of body and gender.


Paula Montecinos (Chile/Berlin)
concept, performance, electronics, sound design.
Sarah Hermanutz (Can/Berlin)
concept, installation/props + lighting design, wearable electronics, costume design, axolotl caregiver.
Nayeli Vega (Mexico City/Berlin)
concept, costume design,
costume construction.
This performance was presented at Spektrum Berlin as part of Atonal Gender – a soundlandscape performance series #1 and at Lake Studios Berlin in November 2016.




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