Nayeli Vega is a Mexican artist and designer based and working in Berlin. Vega focuses her work on topics related to feminism, ecology, social justice and speculative design. Her artistic practice explores rituals and technologies of the past, present and future through digital and analog mediums such as digital 3D modeling and fabrication, weavings, knots, installations, among others.


“Codes in Knots” is a project investigating the relation of precolonial textile-based information technology and modern-day digital design. Based on the observation, that in many pre-colonial cultures, textiles have been used to store and transmit data and information, the project aims at a transfer of such technology into the digital age, thereby creating connections between precolonial and modern-day knowledge systems.

“Codes in Knots” reflects on the complex methods of communication and coordination of human activities through artifacts in general and textiles in particular, exploring the potential of digital tools to create meaningful objects.

Video by Timo Ott

The All River Species Act 2021

The All River and Species Act 2021 - project developed as part of the Weaving with Worlds, Reassemble Lab 2021, run by Fiber Festival.

Our process began by trying to find a voice or voices for the river. We explored the inadequacies of legal frameworks and, by extension, the abilities and constraints of language to accurately capture and define a river ecosystem in all its facets. We pondered where a river begins and ends: exploring the perspectives, experiences and happenings in the lives of non-human dwellers. We explored rituals and stories. We try to capture the songs, spirits and the many voices that co-exist in simultaneity within river worlds.

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